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10 - The Beleagured Village

Ryndanhaven under seige!

Massive army fight, this single ‘encounter’ took the entire night. Unfortunately, the city was a total loss and was burned to the ground, but not before most of the citizens scattered.


Adventure 7 – The Beleaguered Village (CR9 – miniature army)
The town is under attack by the orcish army. This battle will put each PC in charge of a squad of soldiers to defeat the incoming attackers. Strong understanding of the Miniatures Handbook is advised before you run this adventure
The defeat of Bremen and your timely removal of the Grandmother have left you in good graces with the town. You and your friends are certainly popular – everyone seems to know you. It is not uncommon to find you training with the local guards or to see someone asking for some advice for their particular trouble. Two long months have passed since you vanquished Bremen and the undead he commanded. During that time, you have turned to some other activities.
Party members that have clearly spent some time thinking about a craft/profession and are ready to discuss what they are doing 8 bonus skill points towards that skill. Those that are able to make up something plausible on the spot, +4 bonus skill points towards that skill. Those who stall or don’t have anything ready, no bonus points.
Ryndanhaven seems uncommonly full, the market place is busy and townsfolk and farmers fill most empty places, carrying huge packs of belongings or riding on carts. Come evening, you return to the Wayfarer’s Rest for one of Batrim’s quality warm meals. The common room is uncommonly full, and some important faces at that. Of course Niac Drakced and Lysander are there, but so is Hendel, and he has one of his forge hammers he keeps thumping into his palm. Over there is a band of ranking guards, Duncan Rillash amongst them. Over here is the town magistrate in a heated discussion with some of Ryndanhaven’s more prominent businessmen. There is a lot of talking in the room, most of it hushed.
Seeing your arrival, Niac Drakced and Duncan Rillash wave you over and lead your group into the kitchen for a private conversation. Batrim follows the group in, closes the door behind him and leans up against it, prevent more people from entering. Duncan speaks first, “You may have noticed the town is full. Farmers and others from outlying areas have been pouring into town. The rumors of the orc army are true – it has rallied and is on the move. I sent three pairs of scouts out to feel out the orc’s intentions – 5 riders did not return. The one who did return took an arrow to knee while riding his horse back. He reports the orcs are heading directly for Ryndanhaven. He spoke of the orcs wielding magic, but he is feverish and likely will not survive the night – I don’t think that part of his report is true.” Duncan is too much a veteran to look panicked, but you can clearly see he is gravely concerned.
Niac speaks up, “We need our help – there are simply not enough experienced guards to repel an army of this size. Ryndanhaven will be overrun, its people slaughtered. Help Duncan defend the city while the magistrate and I evacuate the citizens. The good news is that we knew this threat was out there, and I sent for help weeks ago. Some veterans have answered our call and have arrived to bolster our ranks.”
Rules Summary
• Command is partially a product of command score and initiative of the character:
 +1 to command score: Improved Initiative Feat, Leadership Feat, Lawful, 5
ranks in Intimidate/Diplomacy, Int/Wis/Cha 13 or higher, Paladin or Fighter.
 -1 to command score: Chaotic, Int/Wis/Cha 8 or less, Rogue, Sorceror, Wizard.
 Or player’s may use their Marshall’s base score of 3 if higher than their own.
• Creatures under command:
 Command is given by the player AND their marshall.
 A creature is under command (or out of command) for its entire turn, based on where it starts.
 A creature must be within line of site, or within 6 squares of its commander to have command.
 A creature under command acts normally. A creature out of command has its movement reduced to 2 squares, or only a single attack.
 A commander cannot command if disabled (stunned, unconscious, dead, etc).
• Initiative order:
 Every so often, perhaps after a break, have the players roll command checks, to change the initiative order.
 Remind them to keep track of which of their squad members have moved (perhaps turning their initiative card upside down.
NPC actions:
 NPCs under command may move twice, or move once and attack once, or full attack.
 NPCs not under command may move two squares or make a single attack, until they start a turn under command again.
• Marshals:
 Remind them of the auras they have to use. For simplicity sake, 30’ is range always.
 Marshals also provide command.
• Player Actions:
 Activates any two characters of squad until all members have been used this round.
 Each character under command may move twice, move once and attack once, or full attack.
 Each character out of command may move two squares or make a single attack.
 After finished activating two characters, play passes to the next player in the command (initiative order). Once all players have moved, back to the top of the order. Once a player has activated all characters, they are removed from the order until all players have activated all characters, then a new round starts
Organizing your squad
Passing out character sheets of the marshals, shield men and archers, letting the group decide the makeup of the rest of their squad. There are to be limited number of resources, archers are party size x2 (so, 2 archers per player), the party will bid in order for their squad makeup. Have each person make a command check, highest bids first, continue in order until each player has their marshal plus 6 others of their choosing. Anyone with the Leadership feat is permitted 4 extra choices (marshal plus 10 others).
Prepping battle lines
(Music: The Eternal Conflict)
Last night you had gone to the Wayfarer’s Rest expecting a restful night. Instead, you stayed up all night with Duncan and your friends assigning militia into their proper squad. Early in the morning, a deep rhythmic boom could be heard – the drums of orcs on the march. Now that dawn approaches, the drums have faded away, you don’t even notice them unless you think about it. They are close now, not long left. Duncan leads your group on a last tour of the town, you look at it with fresh eyes. After the long discussions during the night, everything about Ryndanhaven’s defenses stand out to you; before you barely noticed.
The town has several towers spaced along the outside, but no true defensible walls. Sharpened wooden stakes keep people off the walls and direct them to various entry points, each of which has gates. The walls themselves are simply logs lashed together between the towers. Recognizing this weakness, the townsfolk have been dousing the walls and towers, and have water reservoirs set up periodically around the walls. Moments consideration makes it obvious that defending the town from behind the walls is nigh impossible – this enemy must be met on the field of battle! Duncan cautions you to not used your range until you can be sure of striking the foe, wait until they are out of the dry trees, lest a massive fire start and consume everyone. You assemble your little band and take up position on your side of the city.
Near the Main gates, Niac Drakced, Lysander and Duncan stand with the standard bearer for the town, along with a few well-armed militia folks. From this position, they promise to try and direct the tide of the battle, and provide aid if possible.
Inspiring troops
You look to the left and to the right and see your friends standing with their troops. You look to the people in front of you and just see scared people. What do you tell them?
Anybody with a reasonably inspiring speech (and accompanying skill check – diplomacy, intimidate, perform, gather information) gain inspire courage for the duration of the battle for their squad only (
1 ATK, DMG, Saves – stacks with bard song). Those that do poorly will receive the opposite effect. Those that do mediocre receive no ill effects, but also no benefit. My goal is to make it a two part process: I want to hear the role play of the speech, but will also allow dice to help govern how well it goes over.
You hear creaking in the trees, the drums boom loud. The sun has barely risen when the first of the orcs appear at the treeline. More and more pile up and everywhere you see the snarling twisted face of these simple creatures. You have bested many an orc in your adventures, but you wonder to yourself if you are prepared to deal with such an army. You look to your left and see one of your friends looking back to you – you give a confident grin and nod, and then turn back to the task at hand. A few foolish orcs launch some wickedly barbed arrows from their shortbows, but they fall short. Heartened, the citizens of Ryndanhaven let out a confident cheer. The orcs respond with a rapid beating of the drums and an accompanying warcry, and then charge out of the trees!
Play some combat themed music, keep the players on edge. Stand up; keep things moving as rapidly as possible. Don’t let the players take too long with their turns, move on to the next person if they can’t make a quick decision. For the most part, remember there is no need to roll damage dice; all the NPCs just deal average damage every strike.
This adventure should be different and memorable. Remember to have fun. Remember to make sure they have fun. Here are a few ideas to help bring some brief, memorable situations:
• If the townsfolk are decimating the orcs, perhaps the orcs use siege engines;
 Catapults deal 3d6 to a 10’ area (DC16 Reflex for half).
 Ballistae deal 3d8 in a straight line, no targets more than 20’ from each other (DC18 Reflex to negate).
• If the orcs are decimating the townsfolk, perhaps Niac Drakced lends some magical assistance;
 Archers from the tower feather a target or two, dealing 3d8.
 Fireball deals 10d6 to 20’ area (DC23 Reflex for half).
 Lightning bolt deals 10d6 in straight line (DC23 Reflex for half).
 Chain lightening deals 15d6 to one target, 15 additional bolts deal half damage DC26 Reflex for half).
• If play is too slow, perhaps some of each of the above options are activated.
• If play is too fast, perhaps each side receives occasional heals from NPCs not directly related to combat.
• Story moments – every so often have the group do spot checks. If they beat DC15 Spot, here are some things they could find:
 The walls are on fire in a few different places, the townsfolk are trying to beat the flames back with water.
 A guard tower topples in flames, the archers within screaming their pain.
 The walls are on fire in several places, the reserves of water have run out.
 The defenders are dropping from the walls, some burning, some with orcish arrows piercing their bodies.
 The city is on fire, there is palpable heat behind the fighters.
 The city is burning fiercely, smoke clouds their vision, the screams of the dying is one large cacophony.
(Music: The Watchful Guardian)
You give pause, breathing heavily – the extended fighting has certainly taken its toll on you. You look around for more enemies to kill, but the only living orcs to be seen are either fleeing or being mercy killed by the town’s defenders. You turn from the forest towards the city. The outer wall and towers are totally engulfed by flame or missing entirely. You look on in dismay as townsfolk flee the town by any means available. Black smoke raises in patches all around, the flames spreading throughout the city. You recognize screams of the dying coming from inside the city and make a move towards the walls, but a compatriot restrains you shaking their head – it is too late for them. You and your friends reassemble, taking stock of the situation.
Towards the main gates, you see Duncan and his banner men, their blades bloodied, their armor dinged and broken in places. There is a large group of townsfolk milling about, as if unsure where to go or what to do next. Some are just coming to terms with the fact that their homes and all of their remaining belongings are what they carry on their backs. Others look relieved to be alive, that the orc threat has diminished. Through the smoke, you see a group of townsfolk separate from the rest, heading directly towards the party. You feel some measure of relief as the wagons and horses draw closer. One wagon holds the weathered old men, Lysander and Niac Drakced and crates full of who knows what. The second wagon contains the Kroejers, Batrim, Kathryn & Emileanna. They didn’t fare so well, their clothes are dirty and soot stained and what was left of Batrim’s hair has now been singed away. Their wagon is noticeably less full than the first. The final wagon is boldly painted ‘Ironforge’, you can see Kesta filthy and sleeping, her head resting in Hendel’s lap. The wagon is sitting very low, carrying a heavy load and despite being dwarf sized, is being pulled by full size horses. You peak in the back and see the stout dwarf managed to get his anvil, hammers and a variety of different implements stashed away. Your horses are secured to the backs of the wagons, the belongings you aren’t carrying strapped to their saddles.
You start to ask what happened, but Niac interrupts with a raised hand, “the fire spread too rapidly, and the overfull city was not easy to get water to where it was needed.” He looks sadly at the flames burning higher, the screams of the dying. “Forget that now. Your brave efforts allowed Ryndanhaven to save what was most precious – its people.”
A Fork in the Road
He turns back to you, “What we need to focus on now is where we go from here. We can head to small villages, smaller than Ryndanhaven, roughly 3 days journey by wagon. Or, we can head towards a larger city:
• In the Northwest, the Citadel of Udkig guards against island raiders and pirates. This seafaring city has access to the sea and its broad shipping lanes.
• In the Southwest, Porta Ponte squats over the bridges leading to the mainland and the Badlands of Pustny. This border city guards against the “free” cities and beasts of the badlands.
• In the East, over the mountains, the capital city Geweldig Mesto rests on the Straight of Maith. This civilized area has limited connections to the sea via the straight, but the politics of the upper class have a stranglehold on the cities populace.
Where shall we go? I will give your group a small amount of time to decide, but we need to get moving soon. Once you have decided, the others and I we will journey with you, if you’ll have us. Our fates seem bound together, and where you go, events of the time are shaped.”
• Level 7 = 3500xp base
• Level 8 = +2750xp base
• Level 9 = +2000xp base
• +50 xp per orc slain by the PC’s squad
• -100 xp per squad member slain
• -250 xp if marshal slain
• Search DC18: +1 Breastplate 2500gp, +1 Greataxe 2500gp, +1 Large Wooden Shield 2500gp, +1 Shortbow 2500gp.
• Search DC22: Brass knuckles 90g, Ankle chain of silver and gold 150g, intricate solid gold fertility idol 1300g, well-crafted silver goblet decorated with pearls 1000g, ivory bracelet 700g.
• Search DC25: Wand of Magic Missile (5 missiles of 1d4
1) 16000gp.
• The gear and cash looted, including paying off the help of your guards, rounds out to 2000gp per person. All gear found was easily sold to others to help protect themselves from any orc stragglers.

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